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As a member of the medical device community, you need access to expert resources and industry knowledge to make critical decisions for your products and patients. We are here to share our expertise and help solve your most complex medical device manufacturing challenges.

Case Studies & Whitepapers

Reducing Risk with Vertical Integration

A success story demonstrating how our businesses work together to produce technically-challenging, precision components and devices for our customers.

Minimize Your Profile and Maximize Your Pull Strength

A variety of design variables can impact the overall profile and strength of your pull wire system. We’ll help you better understand your options, so you can make informed decisions for your project.

Ophthalmic Device Kit

Development and Distribution of a Finished Medical Device

In this success story, we demonstrate how JunoPacific has partnered and grown with our customer from the design and development phases of their device to the high-volume production they maintain today.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

To realize the full benefits of additive manufacturing during all phases of production, it is important to incorporate design for additive manufacturing (DFAM) early in the design process. Optimize your design and manufacturing processes with these tips.

Featured Articles

Tech Briefs article image

Path to Standardization for AM Products

rms Company’s AM expertise was recently featured in Tech Briefs Special Report. Ryan Kircher, Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer, speaks to the path to industry standardization for additively manufactured products.

rms Co Additive Machines

How to Organize Additive Production

rms Company’s additive division was recently featured in Additive Manufacturing magazine. Troy Olson, Director of Operations – Additive Manufacturing Division, and Ryan Kircher, Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer, discuss how to create the most efficient manufacturing production process for AM products.

Person working with sterilization equipment

New Sterility Assurance Strategies for Products Sensitive to Sterilization Processes

QTS sterilization specialists Sopheak Srun and Molly Swanson discuss different approaches for the sterility assurance of products that are sensitive to sterilization processes.

Additively manufactured part

Cleaning Considerations for Additively Manufactured Parts

AM parts can be especially difficult to clean because they have a combination of lattice geometries, critical rough surfaces and machined details. Removing residual AM powder and machining fluids from all surfaces can be complicated. Matt Homuth, Senior Validation Engineer at QTS, shares insights on cleaning considerations for additively manufactured parts with ORTHOWORLD’s BONEZONE magazine.

Close up of bone growth

MIM and Metal 3D Printing Examination

rms Company’s additive manufacturing expertise was recently featured in MPO magazine. Troy Olson, Director of Operations – Additive Manufacturing Division, and Ryan Kircher, Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer, highlight advances in additive manufacturing and the benefits of using AM for medical device applications.

Images of microbes

The Ethylene Oxide Product Test of Sterility: Limitations and Interpretation of Results

Sopheak Srun, a principal sterilization specialist at QTS, recently worked with other sterilization experts across the medical device industry to publish the article, “The Ethylene Oxide Product Test of Sterility: Limitations and Interpretation of Results.” This article appears in the AAMI publication, Industrial Sterilization: Challenging the Status Quo, Driving for Continuous Improvement, which is a peer-reviewed supplement to AAMI’s BI&T journal.

Close up of additive implant

This Pioneer In Using 3-D Printing For Medical Implants Has Charted The Course For How It’s Done

As an early adopter of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology, rms has become a leader in the use of this capability for the manufacturing of medical implants. The use of 3D Systems’ technology in conjunction with the extensive machining capabilities of rms, has provided the ability to manufacture previously impossible designs. 

Kilmer Conference Recap

Collaborate to Innovate: A Summary of the 2019 Kilmer Conference

QTS Principal Sterilization Specialist Sopheak Srun attended the 10th Annual Kilmer Conference in Dublin, Ireland. The Kilmer Conference is an invite-only conference hosted by Johnson & Johnson and is a global forum for exchanging ideas within the sterility assurance community. Concepts and research presented at previous Kilmer Conferences have helped to shape many of the standards for assurance of sterility that we all use today.


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