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Collaborate to Innovate: A Summary of the 2019 Kilmer Conference

In June of 2019, QTS Principal Sterilization Specialist Sopheak Srun attended the 10th Annual Kilmer Conference in Dublin, Ireland. The Kilmer Conference is an invite-only conference hosted by Johnson & Johnson and is a global forum for exchanging ideas within the sterility assurance community. Concepts and research presented at previous Kilmer Conferences have helped to shape many of the standards for assurance of sterility that we all use today. 

Collaborate to Innovate 

The theme of the 2019 Kilmer Conference was Collaborate to Innovate. The medical device industry is facing a number of common challenges, and its thought leaders must collaborate in order to overcome these issues. In addition to the concepts and research presented, the conference included several collaborative activities to address some of these challenges. 

Sopheak has written an in-depth summary of his experiences and takeaways from the recent conference. To read his complete summary, register on the QTS Resources page and download the file. 

  • Challenges Within the Sterilization Industry 
  • 7 Focus Areas of the Conference 
  • Innovation for Sterility Assurance 
  • Customer Centricity 
  • Enablers of Future Manufacturing 
  • Novel Gaseous Processing 
  • Analytical Methods 
  • Safeguarding Our Network 
  • Career Development