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We Are Cretex Medical

We provide manufacturing and engineering services so you can reduce risk and save time. Our comprehensive capabilities and long-term stability allow us to invest in the latest technology and scale quickly to meet your needs.

We Care About Your Patients

Your devices have a critical impact on patients. Our team members understand and embrace your mission to improve lives. We manufacture your products efficiently, meeting your stringent quality standards and ensuring your devices are ready for critical procedures. Adding our resources to your team allows you to focus on your next life-saving device.  

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We Support:

Our Community
Cretex Cares is dedicated to supporting our employees and communities.

Employee Growth
Cretex University provides focused development courses for employees.

Continuous Improvement
Operational Excellence is ingrained in our company culture.

Our Businesses

You have access to our individual companies and can also leverage our combined resources and capabilities to provide end-to-end contract engineering and manufacturing solutions. Cretex Medical supports you from development and manufacturing of critical components to finished medical devices assembly, packaging and sterilization management.  

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“Our component parts are used in devices that restore health, help alleviate pain and help improve the quality of people’s lives, and in many cases, extend people’s lives. What we do is critical, and that resonates with our employees.”

– Jeff Wollerman, President & CEO, Cretex Companies