Sterile Packaging

Reliable Medical Packaging Services

Medical device packaging regulations and requirements are complex and dynamic, and finding reliable sterile packaging services is critical for your company’s supply chain. At QTS, we have multiple Class 7 cleanrooms, cross-validated packaging equipment, and cross-trained team members, so that we can easily move staff from one project to another without disrupting any aspect of assembly and packaging for your medical devices.

Package Configuration and Materials

Whether you have your package design complete or are looking for guidance on how to begin, QTS’ team of packaging engineers will collaborate with you to develop a custom package for your device. We have the expertise to help you define your needs and assist you in developing packaging that is effective and appropriate to the distribution and use environments of your products.

Our packaging solutions can incorporate pouches in a variety of materials, single or double barrier trays, or a combination of both including foam, polyurethane or other protective packaging materials to provide the best configuration for your device. QTS also offers QSEAL® Pre-Validated Medical Packaging, an alternative to custom packaging configurations that can help you save money and get your products to market more quickly.

Accelerate your go-to-market process.

Explore QSEAL Pre-Validated Packaging for your next device

Finished Device Assembly, Packaging & Sterilization Management

QTS offers reliable end-of-line services including validated cleaning, sterile packaging, and complete kitting and labeling of your devices.

Molding, Design and Assembly

JunoPacific provides medical device molding and contract manufacturing services, specializing in micro-and multi-shot injection and high precision insert molding.