Critical Medical Device Assembly and Kitting

When you partner with Cretex Medical we can take your project from component to finished medical device with our assembly and kitting capabilities. We work across our businesses to provide you with direct access to all our manufacturing and engineering services making the most of your time and budget — and making it easier to get your products to patients.

Assembling Your Finished Device

All our businesses offer sub-assemblies and provide packaging options, however QTS and JunoPacific take things the extra mile by providing complete, finished device assemblies.

JunoPacific currently manufactures a wide range of devices including orthopaedic and surgical instruments, ophthalmic surgical interfaces, and critical header and lead subassemblies for cardiac rhythm management and neuromodulation devices. Medical devices are assembled using an engineered continuous flow system in our Class 7 and Class 8 cleanrooms.

QTS offers our customers critical end-of-line processing including validated final cleaning, finished device assembly, kitting and sterile packaging. Utilizing multiple Class 7 cleanrooms QTS provides everything from complex device assembly to multi-component, multi-supplier surgical procedure kits. Our cross-validated equipment and cross-trained production technicians ensure there is no disruption with any aspect of assembly and packaging of your medical devices.

Comprehensive Assembly Services:

Our range of assembly services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Subassembly and Finished Device Assembly
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Instrument Assembly
  • Kit Assembly (Kitting, Part Pouching, Sealing)
  • Combination Device Assembly (Medical Device/Pharmaceutical Combinations)
  • Syringe Modification, Filling, Capping
  • Liquid Handling & Filling
  • Solvent & Adhesive Bonding (epoxy, UV Curing)
  • Heat Staking and Ultrasonic Welding
  • Laser & Resistance Welding
  • Tubing Sets (Cutting & Fitting Assembly)
  • Hoop Assembly (Cutting, Clipping)
  • Catheter Assembly (Flaring, Stretching)
  • Basic Electronics Assembly (Soldering)
  • Patient Implants Cards and Technical Manuals (IFU)

We also offer a wide range of secondary processing services for your components and devices.

Secondary Processing Services

Our Businesses

Molding, Design and Assembly

JunoPacific provides medical device molding and contract manufacturing services, specializing in micro-and multi-shot injection and high precision insert molding.

Finished Device Assembly, Packaging & Sterilization Management

QTS offers reliable end-of-line services including validated cleaning, sterile packaging, and complete kitting and labeling of your devices.