Manufacturing Services

True End-to-End Services

Interacting with a full-service manufacturing partner should be easy. Our full range of manufacturing services provide access to everything you need to take your project from prototype to production.

Add Our Resources To Your Team

When you partner with us, you have access to our manufacturing capabilities and unparalleled industry expertise.

Access to Experts

From development through launch of your life-saving device, we provide you with team members dedicated to your project. Partnering with us allows you to leverage our expertise and get the answers you need to make informed decisions.

Scale Quickly

Being privately owned means that we can take decisive action on capital investments. With access to the latest technologies, we can easily scale from prototyping to high-volume production.

Condense Your Supply Chain

Our comprehensive capabilities help reduce the number of suppliers you need to manage. With our vertically integrated supply chain, we can support the entire lifecycle of your critical device.

An Outsourcing Partner You Can Trust

Cretex Medical has the leading-edge technology and machining experience needed to produce your critical components and devices. Our manufacturing capabilities and systems deliver responsiveness and flexibility while maintaining quality and consistency. With expertise in a wide range of processes, you can trust us to produce your components and devices accurately for your patients.

Our Businesses

You have access to our individual companies and can also leverage our combined resources and capabilities to provide end-to-end contract engineering and manufacturing solutions. We support you from development and manufacturing of critical components to finished medical devices assembly, packaging and sterilization management.  

Making It Easier:

Complex Devices Succeed with Vertical Integration

Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators (ICDs) are very complex and generally require working with multiple suppliers. If your outsourcing partners are unreliable, issues can arise and disrupt production, costing you time and money and making it difficult to get your devices to the patients that need them.

We combine the strength of our individual businesses to produce technically challenging, high-volume ICD components more efficiently. Our streamlined production processes paired with a fully integrated supply chain ensures complex projects launch on-time and within budget.