Sterilization Management

In-House Sterilization Expertise

Through strong partnerships with sterilization facilities across the country, Cretex Medical offers full sterilization management to meet your project needs. The QTS team of on-site, certified microbiologists and sterilization specialists provides complete validation services as well as support for your routine production requirements. We can help you create protocols, prepare samples, coordinate third-party laboratory testing, and present you with final reports.

Sterilization Methods We Support:

  • Ethylene Oxide (EO or EtO)
  • Gamma Irradiation
  • Electron Beam (E-Beam)
  • X-ray
  • Steam
  • Other methods for unique needs

Pre-Validated EO Sterilization

QTS offers their QSTERILE™ program, a pre-validated EO cycle. When utilizing this program, cycle testing is already completed in accordance with ISO 11135 requirements, so customers are only required to perform product-specific testing to adopt into the cycle. This proprietary service can save you time and money by eliminating the need to perform your own full EO sterilization validation.

Our Businesses

Finished Device Assembly, Packaging & Sterilization Management

QTS offers reliable end-of-line services including validated cleaning, sterile packaging, and complete kitting and labeling of your devices.

Molding, Design and Assembly

JunoPacific provides medical device molding and contract manufacturing services, specializing in micro-and multi-shot injection and high precision insert molding.