Laser Processing

Laser Cutting and Welding of Metals

Spectralytics is committed to providing quality components, sub-assemblies and implants using laser technology. Whether you need hypotubing, stents or components, we work with you to build a custom solution. We have a diverse group of equipment for processing flat or extruded tube parts allowing us to choose the right tool for your specific geometry requirements. We understand the processes, quality control and technology necessary to get your brightest ideas to market faster.

Metal Capabilities:

  • Laser Cutting
  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Drilling
  • USP Cutting (COLD)
  • Off-axis Tube Cutting

Laser Processing of Polymers

If your project requires working with polymer or bioabsorbable/biodegradable materials, our multi-facility capabilities, six wavelengths, and over forty machine centers are equipped to meet your specifications. We offer laser machining of multi-lumen extrusions for any application and ablation on extrusion, balloons, coated wire, sheet or films.

Polymer Capabilities:

  • Hole Drilling
  • Wire Stripping/Ablation
  • Profiling/Shaping and Skiving
  • Laser Cutting
  • Marking

Our Businesses

Laser Micro-Machining, Welding and Cutting

Spectralytics provides contract metal and polymer laser processing and assembly services to manufacture components and implantable devices.

Transforming Critical Metal Parts with Precision Stamping

Meier manufactures high-precision metal stampings, such as miniature metal-formed components and subassemblies.