Engineering Services

Early Support for Your Device

Our resources are an extension of your team. We offer engineering services and support to ensure your patients receive the best quality medical devices.

Partner with Technology and Engineering Experts

When you partner with us, you have access to the experts and technologies you need to make informed decisions about your critical devices.

Test Your Designs

Let’s put our teams together at the beginning of your project. Utilize our experts and quick-turn capabilities to iterate and test your concepts before design freeze. Get to market more quickly, and with more confidence in your final design.

Work with Experts

Our subject matter experts can guide you through the steps needed to design your products with streamlined manufacturability in mind.

Complete Validations

Our robust validation and verification processes can be customized to meet your requirements. Lives depend on your device, which is why our processes are built to keep quality and repeatability at the forefront of all we do.

Engineering Throughout the Product Lifecycle

With our expertise in material sciences and on-site specialists in a variety of disciplines, our teams support you throughout the entire design and manufacturing process of your critical device. Whether you are looking for engineering assistance with design testing, performing validations or developing precision tooling, our experts are here to ensure optimal outcomes for your components and devices.

Our Businesses

You have access to our individual companies and can also leverage our combined resources and capabilities to provide end-to-end contract engineering and manufacturing solutions. We support you from development and manufacturing of critical components to finished medical devices assembly, packaging and sterilization management.  

Making It Easier:

Complex Devices Succeed with Vertical Integration

Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators (ICDs) are very complex and generally require working with multiple suppliers. If your outsourcing partners are unreliable, issues can arise and disrupt production, costing you time and money and making it difficult to get your devices to the patients that need them.

We combine the strength of our individual businesses to produce technically challenging, high-volume ICD components more efficiently. Our streamlined production processes paired with a fully integrated supply chain ensures complex projects launch on-time and within budget.